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Radiohead bag Best Act In The World Today award

Despite leading the field of hopefuls with three Q Award nominations, Oasis failed to collect a single gong, losing the much-coveted Best Act in the World Today award to Radiohead. The Oxford rockers were presented the award by cult comedians The League of Gentlemen at a star-studded ceremony attended by the likes of Moby, So Solid Crew and Ms Dynamite. It is the second time that Radiohead have won the award in two years, having originally collected it in 2001 off the back of their critically acclaimed album, “Amnesiac.” “A lot of the time when we’ve made records, we think we’ve done the most stupid thing we could have possibly done,” said a very quiet Thom Yorke. “So things like this mean a lot to us otherwise we wouldn’t have the confidence to do it because that’s what we’re like.”
(thanks to MB, Chris, Ben, Alex, & Rob)

By Jonathan

New York, NY