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Thom Yorke played a solo acoustic set at the Bridge School Benefit concert which was started by veteran rocker Neil Young and his wife Peggy Young.? The affair is intimate as the children who attend the Bridge School watch from the stage.
Thom was in rare form without his band mates and full of banter.? He introduced himself as, “Thom from a band called Radiohead.”? Waved to the children and thus began.? Here is the setlist:

Everything in it’s Right Place – Song was stripped of effects and played on the?piano compared to the album version on the organ.? Stood alone quite nicely.
I Might Be Wrong – (Thom tried to warm his hands up) “It’s gonna be a while can you wait ten minutes.” (Played kick drum with his foot) “Need a kick drum for this one.”? Brilliant version with Thom having the whole crowd bouncing to his maniacal rhythm.? Jonny could not have played it any better.
Sail to the Moon – “This is a new song” Gorgeous song played on the piano with the repeating chorus, “Sail us to the Moon” echoing across the landscape.
Like Spinning Plates – Same version played I Might Be Wrong live recordings as Thom vocalized the strings part as he played luscious piano repetition.
There, There – “This is new, this one is dedicated to all those at the Peace rally earlier today” Very, very good.? Thom shows his range in both vocal ability and guitar playing.? Those of you looking forward to the next album will be satisfied with There, There.? Think of it as a new RH sound with a guitar in hand.
Pyramid Song – This song will always haunt any audience listening and especially at Shoreline where the sound bounces like echoes across a canyon.? Huge crowd reaction.
Lucky – Only song played off OK Computer.? Confident and poised was Thom with an enigmatic delivery of a classic.
After the Gold Rush (Neil Young cover) — “This is Neil’s piano.? So I have to play this one” Crowd loved this song and delighted in Thom’s choice to cover Neil.

Thom later came out on stage to sing the last song with Neil Young, James “I don’t use a guitar pick” Taylor, Jack Johnson, the D, and a slew of others.? A wonderful night that any Radiohead fan would be a fool to miss.
By Jason Murray
Sparks, NEV.
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