Ed talks about new album

Speaking to Xfm Online during a week that saw his band picking up the Q Magazine ?Best Band In The World? award (?A nice bit of fluff,? O?Brien says, ?It?s nice to be voted for by the readers. That?s cool?) the guitarist talked about the progress on the follow up to Radiohead?s acclaimed 2001 album ?Amnesiac?.
?We?ve done about four weeks.? He explained, ?Two weeks in Los Angeles and two in our own studio in Oxford. It?s sounding good. A lot of energy, really good. It just feels really good. As I always say it?s gonna be an album of three minute pop songs. That?s what they always say but that?s what it is this time.?
When asked if he was joking, or whether he was serious about the sudden change of style for the band?s, O?Brien remained positive.
?Yeah,? O?Brien laughed, ?Guitars? Yup, there are a few. In fact there?s a bit of everything. It?s sounding really good. It?s like ?We?ve honed our thing, we?ve done our thing? so what we?re doing feels like the right thing to be doing now. As vague as I am.?
He also confirmed that Radiohead would be playing some UK dates soon, saying they would take place, ?Next year. Definitely.? He also shrugged off comparisons between his band and Coldplay, and seemed thankful that Radiohead?s own career trajectory wasn?t quite as steep, saying.
?I think they?ve has a lot more success than we had initially, if we?d have had their success that early I know we would have imploded big time, so full marks to them.?
(thanks to Adam, Crystal, Chris, Keith, Manish, & Jamie)

By Jonathan

New York, NY