RH vs the Matrix

For those of you in the Vancouver area, don’t miss Blinding Light Cinema’s showing of “Radiohead vs The Matrix” on November 15. Here’s some info from the Blinding Light Cinema website:

From the folks who brought you DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW and JACOB?S WEENER comes the return engagement of this melding of music and image in the form of RADIOHEAD and THE MATRIX. This evening?s strategy is to synchronize the entire library of Radiohead recordings to start together (on separate CD players) at the beginning of the thoroughly entertaining, visually engrossing and paranoia-inducing THE MATRIX. As the film plays, the music will be drawn in and out of the mix as each album unfolds simultaneously, magically blending with the images in serendipitous synchronizations. Come with an open mind and a willingness to let it all go?

Showtime is 8:30pm Friday night.
(thanks to Jonathan)

By Jonathan

New York, NY