Moby, Beck cover “Creep”

Both Moby and Beck have covered Radiohead’s “Creep” recently. According to the NME, Moby “led fans in an impromptu sing-along in a BELFAST hotel at the weekend following his show in the city, covering songs by Radiohead, Guns N’ Roses and Janis Joplin.”
In a seperate incident, Beck also performed “Creep” at his recent concert in FT Worth, Texas. Green Plastic reader Jason Harville writes:

During Beck’s performance he played “Loser.”? After the song he started talking about how some bands don’t like to play their first hit because of whatever reason. Then the singer for the Flaming Lips said something like ‘yeah I went and saw Radiohead last time they toured and they didn’t play “Creep.”‘? Anyway, they kept on talking about Radiohead for a bit then Beck started to play his next song.? Right in the middle of the song he stopped.? With everyone wondering what was going on, band included, he stared to cover “Creep”.? The croud went crazy and the band joined in eventually.? After the cover, Beck and the lead singer for the Flaming Lips were saying how if Radiohead isn’t going to play that song then they can just pick up the slack, jokingly.”

(thanks to everyone that wrote in to report!)

By Jonathan

New York, NY