ATTN NYC-area RH Fans!

Straight from Capitol Records:

The votes are in…Thom Yorke is one of MTV2’s Top 22 Voices!
MTV2 wants to film a few Thom Yorke fans telling them how his voice has shaped your life, influenced you or inspired you in any way. If your answers are strong, you will be representing the Thom Yorke fans on MTV2!
If you’re interested, please answer the questions below and submit your answers to Filming begins next week! 1/28-2/4
“Top 22 Voices” Questions
1. Who is your pick for greatest voice & why?
2. How has the artist personally touched/inspired/affected you?
3. What kind of memorabilia do you have of that artist (photo, autograph, e-mail, letters, tickets, room full of posters, CD/record collection, etc) visually showing that you are a huge fan? (your opinion carries weight)
4. How many times have you seen this artist live? What was the artist’s defining moment?
5. Include your name, phone #, address, pictures of memorabilia / souvenirs & of yourself.

By Jonathan

New York, NY