Colin at book launch

Many thanks to Ali for the following info:

Colin was present at the launch of DBC Pierre’s excellent debut novel “Vernon God Little” on Tuesday 22nd January.
The book, published by Faber & Faber, is out this month and was the subject of a buzzing launch party held at the independent publishers head offices in centralLondon.
A mention of the legendary Oxford event in 2001, headlined and organised by Radiohead drew a humorously humble response from Colin “Oh, I’m sorry about the rain. And the queues!?”
By and large he looked keen to keep a low profile, a very fair reaction given the focus of the evening, DBC Pierre. And what a debut this author has delivered. Any fans of beautiful, razor sharp writing with an acidic deconstruction of US News Media should certainly have a read. The book also contains one of the finest evocations of angry, heartbroken youth committed to writing. An essential book.

By Jonathan

New York, NY