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From the Samaritans:
Radiohead’s Phil Selway became a volunteer over 16 years ago for Samaritans and has found that the band and Samaritans have both enriched his life immeasurably in different ways. With the arrival of his third child, and Radiohead’s continuing recording and touring schedule, he continues to support Samaritans in as many different ways as time allows. Last year Phil ran the London Marathon, raising over ?20k for Samaritans. Now he and his fellow Radiohead members are supporting Samaritans latest campaign with an exclusive live recording.
Phil believes anyone can need Samaritans at some point in their lives. However due to the stigma associated with mental health, people often find it hard to ask for help. Radiohead are backing a new Samaritans campaign that challenges people to reconsider their attitudes towards emotional health such as issues like depression and stress. As part of the campaign Samaritans have also launched a new email service, which they hope will be especially relevant for teenagers and young males who often have trouble talking through their feelings on the phone.
So make sure you join Phil on Wednesday 19th February, from 4pm till 5pm to find out more about the campaign and Phil Selway’s involvement. You can submit questions prior to the chat at
You can also download the free exclusive live track from Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ album and view other content on emotional health at Samaritans? website.
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