22 Green

Let’s file this under “most likely not true but we’re going to post it anyway”:
Last week we were notified that a management company in the US called Just Two is promoting 22 Green (aka Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead). They claim he will be doing DJ gigs across the United States this Summer. The whole thing reaks of a bad rumor, especially the press release:

22 Green AKA Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead
(Radiohead, Capitol Records, Just Two Management, UK)
Jonny Greenwood will be touring the nation to promote his dj name “22
Green” this summer. He will continue to touring with various djs and
artists from state to state, with the majority of his personal
appearances in the major city markets. The primary audience is 18 to
30 year old males and females. As a leading band member of
“Radiohead” Jonny Greenwood “22 Green” will roll out nation-wide tour
to the major city markets in 2003.
Music Style: Deep House
22 Green’s(dj greenwood) Residencies
Cream UK for 2 years.
Godskitchen for 1 year.
Ibiza for the last 4 years.
Along with regular gigs in Asia, Africa, and Europe.
Founding member of multi platinum band Radiohead.
For music go to track #5 is (22 Green) aka
Greenwood, so you can get an idea of what Greenwood sounds like. As
for bio and pics go to
For booking of 22 Green , greenwood of radiohead contact Joshua
Just Two Management
16 Ludwell Ln
Cincinnati, Ohio
45014, USA
Phone: 513.860.0449

We would have never posted this information to you since most of the time this kind of stuff is just someone’s idea of a joke but today we were told that tickets are on sale for 22 Green at Soma in Colorado on April 2, 2003.
We spoke with someone at Just Two Management and they said that it was infact Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead and that they were his US and Canada agent. We’re still skeptical, though.
Once we hear an official response, we’ll let you know.
UPDATE: We’ve talked with someone at SOMA in Boulder, Colorado and they’ve confirmed that they will have Jonny Greenwood on April 2, 2003. Their website will be updated on Monday with this information. We’re still waiting from something official from the band.

By Jonathan

New York, NY