Jonny, Thom on msg board

Jonny made an appearance on the official Radiohead message board about 30 mins ago. He said that “I Will” has been recorded and “may well” be on the new album. The DJ Green 22 rumor was brought up, but Jonny did not deny or confirm it. His only response to that was: “Like, bangin’, u kno deep house, a bit souly with vokalz like, but groves n beats n that u kno detroit but souly u kno.”
A tour will be announced soon, and according to Jonny, they will be “going everywhere.” Australia and Eastern Europe probably won’t be this year, though.
What can we expect from the tour? “Similar sets, after all. It’ll just be better ! And some new songs of course!”
Meanwhile, Thom recently made an appearance as well. When asked about the tracklisting for the new album, he replied, “at this moment we is listening to it before sending off to mastering.” “Myxomatosis” “has F?? unk and UGGGGLLLIIIIEEEEEE keyboards :)” He also said that 2+2=5 or Are You Listening? were not going to be the title: “K O R R e K T !? it isnt. it never was.”

By Jonathan

New York, NY