Make a RH video!

Another Radiohead announcement:

We’ve got a plan.
We need your help.
We’re looking for moving pictures.
Can you make moving pictures?
Time is short.
This is what you have to do.
1. Take one of the live MP3’s of a Radiohead track.
2. Make some moving pictures to it (can be anything: live action, animation, graphics etc).
3. Make it at least 10 seconds and at most a song’s length (although we prefer shorter).
OR… Have you already made a short film that would benefit from an airing?
Send your work to Radiohead at:
The Picture Gallery
PO box 322
by Monday 8th May 2003
Formats Required:
For short films / whole songs : VHS (PAL) (You will be contacted if we require higher quality masters)
For shorter animations, graphics: Quicktime (720 x 576 pixels) CODEC: Motion JPEG B (High Quality)
Please enclose with it your name and e-mail address/telephone number.

By Jonathan

New York, NY