XFM hears new album

XFM’s Head of Music Andy Ashton has heard Hail to the Thief and give his opinion on the XFM site. Here’s what he said:

In other news, I heard the Radiohead album. Oh yes! And its not called “2+2=5”, as reported. It is, however, a very, very, very big record. I only heard it once and some tracks I only heard in part. Obviously from that it would be wrong to give a full review or even a vague one. However…
Oh it’s so good. I really liked what I heard. The first single is called “There There” and comes in two versions – the really good full length one and the one Zane will be in his new job (ha ha, sorry Zane couldn’t resist) It’s amazing! As we zipped through the album the only thing I could really gleam as an overview is that all previous Radiohead albums or phases seem to be really well represented. From the recurring and developing melodies of “OK Computer”, to the spiky rock of “The Bends”, and of course the inspired electronic lunacy of the previous two albums. I think Nigel Harding, my music producer hit the nailon the head when saying, “It’s like everything they’ve ever done, and yet nothing they’ve ever done before”. That?\’s the best I / we can offer until we get a further listen. It’s great though, you’re gonna love it. Oh yeah Thom Yorke’s voice is really clean and dry with hardly any weird vocal effects and his voice sounds so strong. I can’t wait to start playing the single (the full-length version).

By Jonathan

New York, NY