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So, the question still remains: are these tracks the final mastered versions? Max K told us that the pressing of the final press/radio promo CD’s for the album haven’t been made yet mainly because the artwork hasn’t been finished. The only promo that has been finished is the single promo. This leak is most likely from further back in the recording process. There was a version of the album circulating around record companies back in February and it’s possible that this is what was leaked. Whether that version was mastered or not, we don’t know.
An editor for CMJ magazine posted on the the CMJ Bulletin Boards that he had just received a mastered copy of Hail to the Thief and when he compared it to the leaked mp3s, said this: “oh guys also, i just downloaded the version that’s on the net. chicagomike is right, that’s not mastered. don’t judge the record by that; those are different, unmastered mixes from what appears on the final version of the record. the record sounds a LOT better than that. guess studio security ain’t quite what it should be these days.”
How is the band reacting to the leak? Jonny was on the official messageboard yesterday and was asked about how he felt about the situation: “Colin called and said it was up, so thought I’d check. I feel bemused, though, not annoyed….I’m glad people like it, most of all. It’s a *little* earlier than we’d expected, but there it is. There there it is ! hahahahaha.” He went on later to say: “Not angry no. Surprised, and still not used to it happening, even after all these years….. I worry more that stuff we do *won’t* get released for whatever obscure reason, and I hate the 3 month gap between finish and release. But not enough to leak it myself!”
Jonny was asked if he knew if these were mastered tracks: “Don’t know yet – I’ve only downloaded I Will and it’s hard to tell. I guess we’ll find out today. Well it sounds OK on my iBook speakers… Haven’t tried it on headphones… Are there any cross fades?”
Just a short while ago, Stanley Donwood made an appearance on the board as well: “oh well its not as if there arent worse things to worry about i mean do you remember that old ‘home taping is killing music’ thing in the 80s then record companies introduced cds and stopped making vinyl so they made a rod for their own backs there i really would like to know who leaked it though cos the fucking promos arent even out yet ha ha ha hail to the thief”

By Jonathan

New York, NY