Nigel and Air

From Astralwerks about Air’s new album:

“Air recorded more than one hour of music mixed by Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, over which Baricco delivers evocative, sexually charged passages from “City” in his native Italian.”
City Reading (Tre Storie Western)
Earlier this week we launched the site for the brand new Air recording — a collaboration with Italian author Alessandro Baricco, and one of the most adventurous projects of the band’s career.

And here is some more information about why Air chose Nigel:

“When it came to mixing the album, we decided to work with Nigel Godrich, a “mix master” of sorts. We had known him for quite some time, since we first met him during Beck’s Mutations sessions. As you can tell from his name, Nigel doesn’t understand a word of Italian. Mixing the album was difficult, since we didn’t know how much to emphasize the voice, how loud or soft to make it. We hesitated a lot, because we don’t understand Italian, so we feared drowning out the voice in the music and losing the meaning of the text. We had no way of checking this.”
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By Jonathan

New York, NY