Thom at Fairford

thomHere’s a transcript of some of Thom’s speech that he made on March 22 at the Fairford anti-war rally:

“My name’s Thom Yorke, I’m in a band called Radiohead. I don’t know if anybody’s heard of me. We feel strongly about this. I’ve spent a lot of time in America recently and I went to two demos in America, one in LA and one in San Francisco, and you’d be amazed how many Americans are scared shitless of this administration. They are terrified. They didn’t vote them in, they don’t want them in and they’re all on the streets, which, frankly, in LA is very unusual.

I reckon there’s probably people on the other side of this fence (RAF Fairford) who feel the same way. I think for the first time, a war is being waged and there is no way the majority of people in a so called democracy state believe in that war.

Why? Because America is being run by a bunch of religious maniac bigots who stole their election and their only way of retaining power is to wage a war. Find a war: Wage a war. Get the next election. They need this war before the next election, it’s the only reason it’s being fought. It is not moral it is self-seeking.”

(thanks to Stephen)

By Jonathan

New York, NY