As you all know, is the new official radiohead site that has been promoting the new Hail To The Thief album. will have a localised front page which will look like a TV set. Once you have registered you will be able to watch the tv which will show a loop of footage that we will add to over the next 12 months. It will include live footage, videos, blips, adverts, fan footage, etc.
Here is the schedule of Hail To The Thief promotion:
? May 5:
Spin with a grin – press system for the band members to answer questions. Interview clips, fan videos and webcast added to the site.

? May 12:
Phone tree – get people to call a number which leads them into a phone tree/maze. Some options have music clips feature added to the site).
There There video to feature on the site.
The Gloaming – game. An interactive labyrinth microsite utilizing lyrics, bits of artwork and audio bites from Hail To The Thief. There are four levels to the labyrinth (the first level will launch four weeks prior to album street date and every Monday thereafter up to release date). The user must complete the first level in order to proceed to the next and the next. The fifth element would be a contest to meet Radiohead.
? May 19:
Sign up for visual listening party to appear in all co branded pop ups album tracks streamed on.
? May 26:
First 30 min cable access TV piece to feature on the site.
? May 30:
Full visual album listening parties to run whilst watching some visuals (possibly from the live show).
MSN instant messenger skin to download.
? June 2:
Second 30 min cable access piece to feature on the site.
Phone tree to begin.
? June 9:
The album release (of course 😉 ).
Third 30 min cable access piece to feature on the site.
We Suck Young Blood is the name of the e-flyers campaign. These will be visuals used on cool underground sites.
Along with the e-flyers campaign there will be a mobile campaign Hail To The Thief. Fill in your friends mobile number on the site and press send. Your friend will receive a voice message on their phone shouting “hail to the thief”.

By Jonathan

New York, NY