Radiohead to Join Times Square’s Skyline

NEW YORK (AP) — Radiohead will join Mr. Peanut and the giant Cup O’Noodles sign high above Times Square when the band’s new video debuts this week.
“There there” will screen throughout Tuesday on the Jumbotron at the southern end of Times Square. It also will air on MTV2 at the top of every hour for 24 hours Tuesday before going into general rotation.
Typical of Radiohead’s twisted, creepy imagery, “There there” features lead singer Thom Yorke wandering haltingly through a dark forest, where he spies on animals getting married and having a picnic. Then crows chase him, and as he tries to run away, his feet become rooted to the ground and he turns into a tree.
This is the first single off Radiohead’s new album, “Hail to the Thief,” which comes out June 10. But from June 2-10, fans can listen to the whole album for free on through the music network’s program “The Leak.”
— from Lycos
(thanks to Liz & Nancy)

By Jonathan

New York, NY