Welcome to the New Green Plastic!

You’ll notice that things are different around here. A new design for Green Plastic has been in the works since last October and we’re very excited to finally show it to the world. Thank you for your patience!
What’s new? Well, aside from the new look, you will notice that some sections on the main page are missing. Sections like fan art, song interpretations, and gear have been moved to a new section called Cold Storage. You’ll also start finding things about Radiohead that don’t really fit anywhere else.
Just about every page here at GP has been updated in some fashion or other. The only section that is still a work in progress in the Gigography. A new database-driven Gigography that will allow you to post and read reviews, setlists, and pictures will be launched in the coming weeks.
Also, a WAP version of the news page is currently under development so you can view all the latest Radiohead headlines on your mobile phone.
And no, our message board Mortigi Tempo is not coming back. Sorry.

By Jonathan

New York, NY