HTTT Review

Here is Maxim magazine’s review of Hail to the Thief:
Hail To The Thief (Capitol)
Have you been waiting for Radiohead to quit being so goddamn weird and rock
out with the unbridled fury of their younger years? Well… You’d better
grab a Snickers and get comfy. Hail To The Thief isn’t the return to gritty
guitar-rock basics you hoped for, but it’s pretty great nonetheless, as the
brooding Brits work their experimental jones into songs that brood, stomp,
and soar – often all at the same time. The occasional guitar does pop up,
crashing into a symphony of fierce riffs and slamming drumbeats on “2+2=5,”
dancing around a quiet piano refrain on “Sail to the Moon,” and strumming
and squawking through the spacey, buzzing rocker “Go To Sleep.” The effect
is a large wash of sound that includes skittering electronic beats, a
smattering of ethereal keyboards, and, of course, Thom Yorke’s ghostly,
tortured wails. The sense of oppressive dread that made 1997’s OK Computer
so throttling also returns here in spades. As Yorke and mates fret about the
current state of the world, their gloom is clearly our boon. -David Peisner
4 out of 5 stars
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By Jonathan

New York, NY