Telegraph Interview

Here are some bits from the May 17th interview found in Telgraph Magazine:

-There There video was shot in the 50 Acre Wood outside Bristol, and was directed by Chris Hopewell. 4 days filming, and 2 weeks to do the animation. The brief was: “a bit Brothers Grimm, a bit Jan Svankmajer [Czech animation legend]”. Thom: “It’s bagpuss”
-Colin, on the concept of the new artwork: “It’s comprised of the five colours used on American road signs, and black and white”. “The record is all fluorescent, opaque sounds, like road signs-clear, coming at you out of the darkness.”
-Thom’s favourite film: Being There with Peter Sellers.
– Noel Gallagher said that “protest is a wast a time”, Thom answers (after a pause and a smile) “He needs to read some books.”
-Thom: the gloaming is “The imminent sense of moving into the dark ages again. The rise of all this Right-wing bigotry, stupidity, fear and ignorance.”

(thanks to Matthew)

By Jonathan

New York, NY