Entertainment Weekly on HTTT

Hail to the Thief is included in Entertainment Weekly’s “Hot Summer Albums” section in their new issue:
”I’m backsliding,” Thom Yorke moans on his band’s first disc in two years — and he’s not kidding. After the one-two punch of 2000’s ”Kid A” and 2001’s ”Amnesiac” — on which the group ditched guitars for glitchy drum machines and reverberant keyboards — ”Thief” finds Radiohead at least occasionally sounding like rockers again. ”When I listen to it, I’m reminded of all my favorite Radiohead things,” says bassist Colin Greenwood. And if ”Thief” sounds less gloomy and more danceable than usual, blame it on the bright lights of Los Angeles. Notes Greenwood: ”This is the first record we recorded in sunshine.” (June 10)

By Jonathan

New York, NY