Noel Gallagher on Radiohead

noelThe NME are running a story about Oasis and their new album. The subject of Radiohead was brought up and Gallagher had the following to say: “I heard the single. I like it because it doesn’t annoy me. But then again with Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood in a band, they’re going to be great, put them together and you get genius.”
“But I don’t get the whole angst thing,” he mused. “I don’t likeThe Vines, except for ‘Get Free’ – great track, but what have they got to be pissed off about? They live in Sydney, the most beautiful city in the word. The Coral come from Liverpool and they have the right to be pissed off, but they write beautiful songs about how great life could be – they are geniuses.”
“Radiohead have sold twenty million albums and they’re still miserable? I can tell you from personal experience – it’s not that bad. Trust me.”
(thanks to Adam)

By Jonathan

New York, NY