RH on Xfm, New Single Announced

Ed, Phil, and Colin were on Zo? Ball’s radio show on Xfm earlier today. The three seemed in excellent spirits and Phil even read the 6 o’clock news including traffic and weather stating that the temperature would be “17 or 64 depending on which currency you want it in!”
The band were asked questions from Zo? Ball and also from email received from fans over the Xfm website. They were quized on things such as the up and coming performance at Glastonbury for which Ed said hopefully they can actually enjoy the performance this time, to the recently completed tour of small venues around Britain. Phil spoke of Thom’s special redition of Happy Birthday for him at the Manchester show which involved samples of Thom saying “happy birthday” in lots of different voices and being cut up by Jonny before the audience joined in. A tear was brought to his eye but apparently it was just the smoke machine…. yeah, right Phil!
They were also asked about the comparisons they always face with new albums to OK Computer. They all said how it’s nice now to have that milestone but that they always think every album is their best to date. Ed was questioned about the corporate state of the record industry to which he replied ‘well it’s fucked isn’t it!’ He also said that they have had a wonderful time with Parlophone and that they are generally just great.
They were also asked by a fan which websites they may frequent if any. Much sniggering from the band followed. Colin said that for Radiohead news he may go to Green Plastic or At Ease to see what’s going on!
During the show the two new b-sides from ‘There There’ were played, and the 2nd single from Hail to the Thief was announced to be “Go to Sleep” which still has no release date. The plan was also to play some songs off the new album but apparently they were not allowed to by the record company. Zo? had Nigel Godrich’s signed copy of the new album and the band were quite keen to play some new songs but to no avail.
(many thanks to Stephen)

By Jonathan

New York, NY