by Jonathan on May 30, 2003

Some good news for people planning to catch Radiohead at the upcoming Field Day Festival:

From Field Day Executive Producer Andrew Dreskin: “This is an amazing win for Field Day. Not only did the judge review our environmental submission and find it solid, but he also reviewed our transportation, security, medical and sanitation plans, and found them solid, professional and workable.
“He gave a resounding defeat to the party who brought this lawsuit, telling him he not only failed to get to first base but he never made it out of the batter’s box. We are delighted and are seeking to move forward quickly to insure that the music will be heard at Field Day and that we can receive our permits in the days to come.”
The details of the New York State Supreme Court’s decision, in favor of Field Day, will be available to the public this Monday, June 2.

(thanks to Kevin V. and Rex)

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