Radiohead on Jonathan Ross

Radiohead were guests on the Jonathan Ross show. Thom and Jonny were first introduced while sitting in a back room on a sofa with Shania Twain. Once the other guest interviews were finished the band played “There There” (with Ed and Jonny on drums too), after which Thom and Jonny were interviewed. During the interview they readily agreed to perform as the UK entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest (a Europe wide, very cheesy, pop competition in which points are awarded by the voting public of each partaking country), and Thom was told that he looked like someone that Fagin (from Oliver Twist) would have in his gang of pickpockets!! The band then performed a marvellous rendition of “Fake Plastic Trees” to finish the show. Below are some screenshots. Click on each one to enlarge.
jross_002.gif jross_003.gif jross_004.gif jross_005.gif jross_006.gif
(thanks to Paul & Andrew)

By Jonathan

New York, NY