Update on Warner Chappell Situation

I thought I would update you all on the current situation that I reported about yesterday. As you know, Green Plastic was asked by Warner Chappell to remove all lyrics and tabs from the site. I have complied with the request and have taken them off.
I have received a lot of support over the last day which I appreciate very much. I’ve also been in contact with lawyers and experts in copyright law. Radiohead does know what is going on and I have been in contact with w.a.s.t.e. They assure me that the band isn’t happy about this situation and are trying to see what can be done.
Most importantly, I heard back from Warner Chappell. Here is an excerpt from them:

“I am going to have a phone conference call with our Managing Directors in London (in about one hour) to see what can be done … it is my understanding that the members of Radiohead are not too pleased about this situation and our ultimate goal in all of this is to insure that they are happy in their relationship with Warner/Chappell. If the band wants their fans to have access to their song lyrics, then that’s what we will allow … after all, it’s their music.”

So, there appears to be hope that the lyrics and tabs will be back online soon. Even though we may not agree with why Warner Chappell decided to do this, it is their legal right to do so. They represent Radiohead’s interests. Also, please do not confuse Warner Chappell with Radiohead’s label EMI. Warner Chappell owns Radiohead’s publishing rights and is not Radiohead’s record label. I have not heard from anyone at EMI or Capitol Records about this matter, though I am sure that they are aware. My relationships with EMI and Capitol over the years has been very positive and they’ve continued to support me and the site.
Let’s remember to be nice to Warner Chappell. I’ve read some comments from fans blasting them and though I agree that this is a unfortunate situation, I do not think that threatening Warner Chappell or EMI will get anything solved. They are willing to work with us (the Webmasters) and that is a good thing.
Thank you for your support. Thanks also goes to Radiohead for their support. Stay tuned for updates…
You can read more at Internet Magazine and Metafilter. Oh, and the petition.

By Jonathan

New York, NY