HTTT Artwork Exhibition

by Jonathan on June 5, 2003

Album Artwork Exhibition
On Friday 6th June at 6pm
To celebrate the release of the eagerly awaited Radiohead album Hail to the Thief, Virgin Megastores are holding an exhibition of the original artwork from the album. ?Eight pieces of artwork each 1.5m2 ?will be exhibited from Friday 6th June at Virgin Megastores, Oxford Street. ?This will also be the first time that the new album will be played in its entirety.
Radiohead?s latest musical feat was largely conceived in 2001, around the birth of lead singer, Thom Yorke?s first child. ?Surrounded by both the idyllic beauty of his rural home and the daily radio reports of the global conflicts, Yorke began to express his thoughts by writing songs. This contemplative alternation between peace, anger and foreboding colours much of the album. ?
The artwork was designed by Stanley Donwood, Stanley took his inspiration from not only discovering what was inside the band heads at that time but also from where they were based when recording the album ? L.A.
Hail to the Thief is Radiohead?s sixth album and is released via Parlophone on June 9th.
For further information please contact
Alice Clary or Thea Gray @ Cake on 020 7471 6655

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