Radiohead in Italy

Here’s some information about the upcoming tour dates in Italy from Indipendente:

Radiohead in Italy, for their new italian tour they decided once again to set the shows into the heart of some of the most beautiful cities in the world, choosing locations where art and history are strongly bond and are the ideal setting for the cosy and touchy live performances of Thom and Co.
In 2000 Radiohead played in Santa Croce square in Florence and at Villa Reale in Monza, in 2001 at the Arena of Verona, but for the 2003 tour they opted for the striking setting of the Lazzaretto in Bergamo (7th July), for the breathtaking Michelangelo’s square in Florence (8th and 9th July) and the beautiful Castello Square in Ferrara (11th and 12th July).
The world tour will start from U.K. where, as happened for the OK Computer tour, they will perform in english and irish small clubs for “only” 2000/2500 per gig (already sold out).
Everyone is waiting for seeing the band from Oxford playing live again, and having the chanche to listen to the 14 tracks that will be in Hail to the Thief, the new album out in May, follow up to the 2001’s Amnesiac.
Here are the italian tour dates:
Monday 7th JULY – BERGAMO
ENTRY 32 euro + reservation
As a jewel of art and historical place, the city of Bergamo is very close to Milan. Shared between a modern part and an antique one, surrounded by long and high medieval walls, is well known thanks to the rich palaces built during the republic of Venice’s domination. Under the rough net of streets and passages which cross all the antique bourgh, there are some roman ruins.
The Lazzaretto is an old open air hospital where, during the pestilences in the 700s, ill people was healed. The Lazzaretto is well known for hosting suggestive concerts, thanks to its series of arches and its old structure surrounding a large field but above all thanks to its location next to the beautiful monuments of the old town which every year attract thousand of tourists.
Tuesday 8th and Wednsday 9th JULY – FIRENZE
ENTRY 32 euro + reservation
Florence is well known as the city of art in the world. All its historical and architectural resources made it so beautiful, and well known also for hosting a large variety of art galleries, showing unique treasures in the world. But there are also open air beauties as the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore or the Battistero, Santa Croce al Ponte Vecchio and in the end the “belvedere” of Piazzale Michelangelo, situated between the hill of San Minato and the Lungarno. Piazzale Michelangelo is the center of the monumental city, and is crossed by all touristic itineraries.
At its back stands the building of the Loggia, while at the center stands the famous statue of David by Michelangelo, that gave the name to the square.
Friday 11th and Saturday 12th JULY – FERRARA
ENTRY 32 euro + reservation
Ferrara is a splendid and important instance of minor city of art. It was a big cultural and historical center in the period of Renaissance, and saves untouched those signs of antique richness.
Situated on the Po river, it is composed by a large net of little lanes. The center of the city is characterized by the big buildings of old governments: the Castello Estense, dated 1300, antique residency of the D’Este Dukes in 1500, and the beautiful Cattedrale, armonic fusion of gothic and roman style. Piazza Castello is the core of all this beauty, and it’s the place where the citizens of Ferrara used and still use to meet.

By Jonathan

New York, NY