Radiohead #2 In Rolling Stone Poll

Radiohead has been named the 2nd greatest live band behind U2 in the current issue of Rolling Stone.

Who could turn even the disastrous Field Day festival this June into a triumph? Radiohead, that’s who — the great young stadium-rock band of this decade. All the angst, tension, synth squiggles and bitter political lyrics make sense when you hear the soaring guitars and enormous live grooves of Thom Yorke and Company.
Last Tour On the road now
Best Tour North American leg of the OK Computer tour, July-August 1997: The band itself was having a miserable time (check out its bleak DVD, Meeting People Is Easy), but U.S. audiences got to see an arena-ready group destroy some relatively small venues.
Best Live Album 2001’s I Might Be Wrong EP: The band juices up Kid A and Amnesiac.

By Jonathan

New York, NY