Wayne Coyne: Let’s Record with Radiohead

From the NME:
THE FLAMING LIPS singer WAYNE COYNE has told NME.COM he wants the band to record new music with RADIOHEAD.
The bands have long been mutual admirers of each other’s work. The Lips played the Pyramid Stage immediately before Radiohead at Glastonbury last month (June 28) and are now strongly tipped to support Thom Yorke and co. on their forthcoming US tour.
Coyne admitted: “We’re talking about doing a couple of things. I know there is a sort of experimental TV show that comes out of Chicago that we’re both scheduled to do. The show typically pairs people together of the same ilk. They’ve been wanting to get us up there for a while, but they haven’t found anybody that seemed worthy of a show.
“Radiohead are talking about doing it, so we could start there around about the middle of September.”
He added: “If I could get my way, we’d get right in there and do something with them. If we’re in the same room for a couple of hours with a lot of musical gear lying around, I’d say ?Let’s try something?.”

By Jonathan

New York, NY