RH tries to end to the confusion with ‘Thief’

From the Houston Chronicle:
Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood (sic) knows exactly when and where the band’s creative process got confused.
“I was in so many dance-record shops, seeing people listen to two seconds of all these records and then choosing them on that basis,” he said, recalling a time prior to Radiohead’s North American tour.
“That started to get to me, judging five minutes of music on the quality of the sound and the rhythm that’s in them. I found myself doing it, walking up to the turntable and plowing through a pile of vinyl. I started to get the fear that Radiohead was just going to go down the route of generating new sounds for the sake of it, and thereby lose something musical.”
All through the ’90s, Radiohead was braced for greatness. The eccentric grounded rock of 1995’s The Bends launched the Oxford quintet as an inventive British band that mattered, one that joined the line of succession to the Beatles and Pink Floyd.
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By Jonathan

New York, NY