Remix Album in 2004?

From NME’s website…
RADIOHEAD are planning a remix album or EP for 2004, according to US reports.
As previously reported, in the UK the band are to release alternative versions of songs from ?Hail To The Thief? on their new single ?2+2=5?, which is released on November 10.
MTV news in the US reports that the band are also looking to their favourite artists to rework some of their songs for an EP or album release. Musicians said to be involved include hip-hop producer Madlib, who will rework ‘Sit Down. Stand Up’, as well as Four Tet.
A UK spokesperson for the band told NME.COM there are no plans to release the album in the UK.
Alternative versions on their single include a Christian Vogel remix of ?Myxomatosis?, a Four Tet remix of ?Scatterbrain?, a demo version of ?There There? and an alternative mix of ?I Will?, made at the legendary Ocean Way studio in LA.
UPDATE: It should be noted that this is a highly unsubstantiated rumour, and would by no means be the first time NME was wrong.
(Thanks to Andrew, Oliver, and Paul)