RH Featured in New Planetarium Show

From Wired Magazine:
Pink Floyd used to be your escort to the dark side of the moon. Now it’s Moby. The electropop star scored SonicVision, the new multimedia show at the Hayden Planetarium in New York. “I’m a geek who grew up obsessed with outer space,” says Moby. “The only problem was, I wasn’t bright enough to be a scientist.” His hit “We Are All Made of Stars,” along with tunes by Radiohead, Stereolab, the Flaming Lips, and others, accompany the 35-minute animated movie that takes visitors through an observatory’s ceiling and into an alien dance party. Seven projectors beam the film onto the Hayden’s 68-foot-tall dome while 23 speakers provide a visceral kick. Strap on the jet boosters – it’s time to get your groove on.
Boards of Canada / “Julie and Candy”
David Bowie / “Heroes”
The Flaming Lips / “Do You Realize?”
Moby / “Into the Blue” and “We Are All Made of Stars”
Queens of the Stone Age / “First It Giveth”
Radiohead / “Everything in Its Right Place”
Stereolab / “Metronomic Underground”
U2 / “Elevation”