Fire at West Palm Beach Show?

Treefingers says- “Radiohead played at the Sound Advice Amphitheater in West Palm Beach on October 4th. During the song Idioteque, there was a small fire near Phil.
“Ed was looking really worried and people in the pit looked at each other smelling something burning. It was one of the fog machines a bunch of roadies rushed to the scene. It looked like it was getting out of hand and they all collectively removed the burning device off stage.”
I was actually at that show, and relatively close to the front. While I didn’t see a fire, I can attest that there was definitely a fog machine going ape on stage, to the point where you could hardly see Phil.
UPDATE: I didn’t see a fire, but Daniel certainly did…
hello. to clarify a bit, i was front row just to the right of thom at the west palm beach gig, and i can tell you that there was certainly a small fire. at some point during idioteque you could see some smoke and then the flames (reaching a couple feet tall). it could have been a fog machine or a fan.
ed and phil looked a bit worried as the fire was just behind phil to his left. the band members were pointing at it and to people backstage to do something about it quick, because it got out of hand very quickly. knowing all the lights and electrical items close by, it could have been a disaster.
first someone ran to it with a big fireblanket trying to beat it out? and that didn’t work and someone finally ran onstage with the fire extinguisher. from the smells, surely thom knew of something going wrong, but he never wavered the slightest bit. after the fire was out, the bandmates seemed to be smiling big in relief or humor. who knows.
(Thanks to Daniel)