“EPs Are More Likely” – Thom

Thom gave a brief, but very interesting, backstage interview to the Associated Press after the Mountain View show, in which he noted that Radiohead recently fulfilled their contract with Parlophone/EMI, and will probably not continue releasing music in the standard pattern.

“It’s always been album, album, album,” he says, adding that he believes the music business will be forced to change because the way people listen to music is changing.

“Things like iTunes and people splitting up tracks,” he says. “I kind of think that’s good. I listen to music on random all the time.”

With the freedom to do anything, Yorke says he’s unsure what the band will try next, although it’s unlikely to pound out another album. EPs are more likely.

“The whole thing’s in their hands. I think it’s a band that’s always going to test the limits and try new things,” says Rob Gordon, vice president of global marketing at EMI, who added he’s confident the band’s relationship with his label will continue.

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