How Did Jonny Sabotage Creep?

We have received some email ever since we posted the recent news post about the poll where Radiohead came in at #16 on the “Top 20 Moments in Pop” done by the UK’s Daily Mail.

16. Radiohead’s guitarist Jonny Greenwood sabotages lead singer Thom Yorke’s song Creep (1992)

Many have asked how did Jonny sabotage Creep? It has been known that Jonny didn’t particularly like Creep when he first heard it so when the band would play it, he would try to ruin the song by making the now famous “chunk chunk” sound with his guitar during the chorus. Little did he know that sound would actually improve the song and make it the huge hit that it was.
Now you know… 🙂

By Jonathan

New York, NY