RH Takes Over Channel V

As reported by Adam-
“Radiohead took over whatUwant, a music request program on Channel V (Australia) for a brief while today. In the middle of an interview, at about quarter to five, the screen turned to static and the test pattern and a Radiohead test bear came up.
Then what could best be described as the Fitter Happier voice intoned, “We are Radiohead, we have control of your TV, do not adjust your set. This is our new single, 2+2=5”, upon which time the live Glastonbury footage played.
Then Jabba (the host) basically said “What the hell was that?” and announced tour dates.”
We’ve been getting lots of great info from our friends Down Under lately, and everyone seems very excited. I can’t blame them…Radiohead hasn’t visited since 1998, so I’d be excited too. Keep the news coming, and we’ll keep you posted.