New RH Newsletter from Capitol Records

Isn’t it interesting how you can always tell what comes from the band and what comes from the label? It’s like your boss telling you a joke…you know he thinks it’s funny, but it just…isn’t.
That, and I’ve never seen w.a.s.t.e. use “not” in the 1992/Wayne’s World sense.
4 Steps To Being A Fitter, Happier Radiohead Fan In The Winter Months:
1. Indulge your inner couch potato as the snow pours down with quality
programming brought to you by MTV2 and Radiohead. The band will
guest VJ MTV2’s Subterranean on Friday, November 14th at 1am. And
like all things MTV related, it will air repeatedly until there is no way you
could possibly miss it…accept of course if you forget to turn your television
on. Visit
for more info.
2. This Christmas season, you could celebrate the birth of JC (and we
don’t mean Chasez!) OR you could celebrate the February 24th stateside
release of Jonny Greenwood’s score to the award winning British
documentary “Bodysong.” While the film doesn’t quite cover the Nativity scene,
we can guarantee it includes more births (among other subjects such
as death and growth) then you’ll probably ever want to see. The score,
which was written and produced by Greenwood, features jazz group
The Emperor Quartet and has a special appearance by Radiohead
bass player and big bro Colin Greenwood. Stay tuned for more info
on the U.S. release which is rumored to include additional material.
3. Think the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is just for kids? Well,
we think you’re crazy but if you insist on some more “adult” alternatives
to the usual festivities then cure your Turkey induced hangover with
2 hours of Radiohead live courtesy of Westwood One. The
“Radiohead Live from Earl’s Court” special airs for the first time on
November 27, 2003 at 9:00 p.m. ET. and will run through November 30, 2003.
Please check for exact dates and times.
4. Fa la la la NOT. The only song you want stuck in your head this
holiday is Idioteque. Hear an exclusive live version for a limited time
only when you text RADIO to 2250 on your At&T Wireless. More live
tracks to come…