2+2=5 Singles/DVD Released

Several people have written in to describe the DVD, and most have expressed severe disappointment. The content is essentially as follows-
Best described as the words on the promo cover flying into the picture as the song plays. Note that this is not really a video (see below for an explanation why).
Sit Down Stand Up Video-
From the first Gigantic Lying Mouth episode. Basically zooming through a city, speeding up in time to the climax of the song.
The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time Excerpt-
The “host” of TMGLMOAT reads the lyrics to No Surprises over a strange MIDI version of the song, as strangely cheap effects mimic the lighting of the No Surprises video. Rather funny, actually.
It must be noted that Official UK Charts Company (the OCC is basically the Billboard of the UK, responsible for the sales charts) rules for CD and DVD singles state that there is a maximum of three tracks (only two of which can be videos), and a time limit of twenty minutes. This is also why all recent Radiohead singles have been two-part releases, another frequent question.
The rules must be followed in order to get a single on the charts, so although it’s compulsory, nearly every major label follows them.