A “Scary” Comment at Dublin and an Explanation from Thom

Just before playing Punch-Up at Dublin last Thursday, Thom made a comment about “stepping out of the music industry for a while”. Obviously, this raised some eyebrows with some, and seriously disturbed some of the less-stable. Thom qualified this a bit during the Q&A after the BBC acoustic show yesterday-
“I think it’s a good time to get out of the way. Anybody in a new band at the moment, and anybody trying to get anywhere that’s doing good work, it’s very very tough at the moment. The shareholders are coming down on the major record companies, the major record companies are coming down on the radio, and the radio’s panicking, and round-and-round. And it’s kind of a weird scene at the moment, it won’t last. It’s a good time to step out and see what happens for a while.”
Hear Thom’s complete response here.