HTTT One of Rolling Stone’s Top 50 of 2003

HTTT scored a spot in Rolling Stone’s top 50 of 2003 (the list isn’t numbered, so don’t panic- they didn’t “lose” to 50 Cent). What they said-
“Hail wasn’t exactly Radiohead’s anticipated return to rock; instead, the band simply turns down the volume on the electronics and lets the songwriting drift to less chaotic, more atmospheric realms. But on the singles “There, There” and “Go to Sleep,” the album comes into scary focus: guitars swell to arena-worthy crescendos, supporting songs that demand repeated exposure to reveal themselves. And on this past summer’s tour, Radiohead proved again that they’re the best band in the world.”
You can see Radiohead’s entry here, or go through the whole list by starting here. Try to ignore the fact that if you go through all 50 remarkable albums, you’ll have 50 remarkable pop-unders waiting for you when you’re done.