Radiohead BBC6 Takeover – The Schedule

As previously reported, Radiohead will be taking over BBC6 Music starting December 22. Here’s a taste (just a taste, mind you) of what you can expect…
Monday – Gideon Coe’s guests are Phil Selway and Colin Greenwood plus two specially recorded acoustic tracks incl. Karma Police. Album Of The Day, chosen by Ed O’Brien will be Scott Walker 4.
Tuesday – Craig Charles interviews Ed O’Brien, while Jonny Greenwood chooses Sonic Youth’s Goo as Album Of The Day.
Wednesday – Thom Yorke co-presents the Evening Sequence with Tom Robinson, while Album Of The Day, chosen by the band, is Pig Lib by Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks.
Thursday – Colin Greenwood chooses Al Green’s Living For You as Album Of The Day.
Friday – Jonny Greenwood brings in a boxful of vinyl for It’s My Party with Liz Kershaw and Christoph De Babylon’s If You’re Into It I’m Out Of It is Thom Yorke’s choice for Album Of The Day.
(Thanks to At Ease.)
(And thanks to all who corrected my spelling…seriously, I appreciate that…)