A Massive Year-End List Recap

by Dylan on December 28, 2003

Everyone knows the end of the year always brings increased cult activity, alcohol binging, and a “best of the year” list from everyone who has heard at least 5 CDs this year. Since A)we’ve been on holiday and B)they all tend to say the same thing (i.e. “they finally play guitar again!”), here’s a summary of what we’ve got so far. Note that I’m only talking HTTT the album right now- singles will be done seperately.
The New York Times has it at #3, behind OutKast (#2) and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (#1).
The Orlando Sentinel has it at #1. You’ll have to choose whether or not to forgive them for calling Amnesiac “disappointing”, though.
The Contra Costa Times has it at #2, behind OutKast.
CMJ has it at #3, behind The Postal Service (#2) and The White Stripes (#1).
Pitchfork Media has it at #4, behind Sufjan Stevens (#3), The Books (#2), and The Rapture (#1).
NME has it at #9, with the White Stripes at #1.
Q Magazine has it at #11.
The Toronto Star has it at #8 (in a surprisingly eclectic list), with Metric at #1.
The Newark Star Ledger has it at #6, with Fountains of Wayne at #1.
The Columbian has it at #5, with The White Stripes at #1.
Canoe lists it in the top 10 (no order).
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has it at #8, with Cat Power at #1.
TheLas Vegas Mercury has a collection of five best lists from different writers, and HTTT rates a mention on three of them (two of them in no order, HTTT at #15 in one, with The White Stripes at #1).
The Philadelphia Inquirer lists it in the top ten (no order).
The Sydney Morning Herald lists it in the top #50 (no order).
Sales wise, HTTT was #83 on Billboard’s Top 200 Sellers of the year chart.
(Thanks to Treefingers, At Ease, and the multitudes who wrote in.)

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