Kid A Documentary To Air in January

According to MusicStation’s Rock on TV listings, Showtime Next will be airing a 40-minute documentary called “Radiohead: Reflections on Kid A” throughout January.
The listing reads-
“A revealing documentary about the eclectic, willfully experimental rock band Radiohead on tour to promote their fourth album “Kid A,” including an extensive interview with band leader Thom Yorke, who defends the group’s controversial decision to move in new acoustical directions with their work. (2001)”
Not sure how authorized (read: how good) this is (the description above does not inspire confidence), but it should be worth at least a watch. This may be similar to a documentary that aired on Australian TV a few years ago, which did feature an interesting interview.
The schedule is as follows (all times ET)-
1/6/04 6:25 am
1/6/04 3:20 pm
1/12/04 10:35 am
1/13/04 2:25 am
1/17/04 7:05 am
1/17/04 5:35 pm
1/18/04 1:05 am
1/22/04 2:00 pm
1/22/04 10:00 pm