UPDATED: Thom Takes Over Radio 4’s “Today” on Wed.

According to a source (and we’re not 100% confirmed here, but it looks pretty good), Thom will be the guest editor of the BBC Radio 4 program “Today” this Wednesday, the 31st.
“Today” is the one of the premier radio news programs in the UK, and Thom has repeatedly named it as a reference point for songs on HTTT. As guest editor, Thom will choose news stories, documentary pieces, and possibly pop behind the mic.
The show airs 6-9am UK time. You can listen in here, Real Player is required.
(Thanks to Kevin).
UPDATE: This is now confirmed on the BBC website. Also, one should note that Stephen Hawking is the guest editor on Friday, and you’ll tune in then as well if you know what’s good for you.