Interesting Guardian Article about RH’s BBC Takeover

Almost missed this very interesting article about Radiohead’s recent takeover of BBC’s 6Music. An excerpt-
“There will have been those who suspected that BBC 6Music was playing some sort of prank when it invited Radiohead to act as station programmers over Christmas week.
Radiohead’s popular reputation is not far from that of Dickens’ festive refusenik Scrooge: grumpy, volubly dissatisfied with everyone and everything, and on balance unlikely to partake of the office-party conga.
There will be those who imagine that Christmas music chosen by Radiohead will tend towards Slovakian funeral marches, sinister electronica overlaid with air-raid sirens and, perhaps, the lonely whimper of a small boy they’d had trapped down a well especially for the purpose.”
You can read the whole article here.