No Split Sides CD, Jonny Says

According to the same Billboard article that tells us of Radiohead’s return to the studio, one should not waste time saving up for a CD of Radiohead’s Split Sides music…
“It’s just for the dancing and that’s it,” Greenwood says of the music. “It was important to us and we took it seriously. It was a privilege. What a man! [Cunningham] is inspiring. We went to his apartment in New York and he was demonstrating how he used a laptop to do the choreography, and he’s in his 80s. He sat there using a [Macintosh] G4. Just to have not given up and keep changing is inspiring.”
Again, you can read the entire article here if you’re so inclined, but you and I both know you clicked on RH Back in the Studio! first, and have already seen it.
It should also be noted that an audience recording of Split Sides (taken from the UK performance, which itself was a playback of the recording of the US performance- got that?) is widely available from your file-sharing program of choice.