Moby Performs Creep Again at MoveOn Award Ceremony

At the MoveOn “Bush in 30 Seconds” award ceremony (find out more about that here), Moby performed a cover version of Creep again. This time, however, he got up and announced that he was singing it from the perspective of George Bush. Several attendees commented that the cover was far more emotional and well done than the one he played on a recent Conan O’Brien appearance, particularly during the chorus.
Bush in 30 Seconds was a contest held by political action committee (PAC) MoveOn in which ordinary people were asked to submit 30-second advertisements explain why George Bush should be stopped as soon as possible. The contest generated quite a bit of heat from several conservatives who were apparently upset that two of the (non-finalist) ads compared Bush to Hitler (although, oddly enough, they didn’t seem to mind when when supporters of President Bush used TV ads morphing the face of Democratic Senator Max Cleland (D-GA) into that of Osama Bin Laden during the 2002 Senate race).