Shynola Article in Pulse of the Twin Cities

Local paper Pulse of the Twin Cities has an article about Shynola, the folks who gave us the (very lovely) Pyramid Song video.
An excerpt-
??The Pyramid Song? video pushed us to the limits of our abilities at the time,? says Chris. ?We were just four kids in our bedrooms and we were making things up as we went along.?
The video landed Shynola their first NME BRAT award in 2002 for Best Video and all members of Shynola feel strongly about the work they did.
?From a personal, working point of view ?Pyramid Song? stands out because we worked terrifically hard on something where we aimed beyond our abilities and actually came out with a very pleasing result,? says Kenny. ?It was a very enjoyable time making that video and these days I find myself trying to recreate such enthusiasm in myself.?
Read it in full here.