UPDATED: National Anthem on Nissan Commercial?

A few people have written in, saying they think they’ve heard National Anthem playing over an ad for a Nissan truck. Finally saw the ad today, and I can say that this is true and it’s not- the tune is actually a “soundalike”- a song written to sound just like a popular tune, but changed in melody, pitch, and rhythm just enough to avoid a lawsuit (and those rather large usage fees). It’s a common practice in the advertising world.
I will say I’m not sure they’re trying to sound like National Anthem- I think the music actually sounded a bit more like another song, whose name escapes me. I’d be curious, however, to meet an ad executive who thought that Middle America would simply not buy a new Nissan truck without some Kid-A-era Radiohead playing in the background…
UPDATE: Turns out the song is by Gomez, called “Shot Shot”. Not sure if it’s the actual song or a soundalike, but this makes a little bit more sense.
(Thanks to John.)